Tuesday, 19 June 2007

"24" Series 7 to be "Worst One Yet"

After much agreed outrage from every single fan of the show, the producers of 24 have decided to revamp the show for the series to be aired in 2008.

"For the past few years, we've tried to come up with original ideas" states producer Howard Gordon. "The thing is, it's difficult to come up with new original storylines that are emotional, gripping and dramatic. Many fans of today sit down and watch the show expecting to be disappointed. So, we're just going to play on that".

The basic plan is to deliberately make series seven illogical and implausible. Writers and producers believe that if they purposely write storylines from thin air, the audience should love it.

"First, we're going to make Jack Pregnant" says wrinkled-face teaboy Ron Howard, "this will be explained by all the radioactivity that Bauer has absorbed in the past ten years of his life."

"Also, the main terrorist threat will be 24 jar of killer bees spread around Los Angeles. Jack will have to try and track down one jar every hour. We will also add about three storylines per episode, but they will be resolved before the closing seconds of the episode."

Fans of the once-passable TV drama anticipate this new series, and believe that more people will watch it as they don't have to sit through all twenty-four episodes of the series.

"Hell, it'll still be better than Lost" states main star Kiefer Sutherland.


Your Mum said...

Your a Dickhead 24 is awesome.

selena paul said...

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