Thursday, 26 July 2007

Up! In the sky! It's Producer Man!

There are moments when I genuinely question the sanity of American television producers.

I can't say I watched a tremendous amount of television before I moved to Los Angeles. It became such that if I was sat in front of the TV for any amount of time that it was usually because I was watching Doctor Who or Torchwood. I still don't watch a lot of television here since moving out to the US, but when I do it is statistically likely that I'll be watching something of American origin.

This is not, strictly speaking, accurate. Since I arrived at Los Angeles International Airport I think I've watched more British television or television created by British people than I had in the UK the previous month. When you're sat in a house in LA, drinking tea and watching Jeeves & Wooster, you really begin to wonder if you've slipped into a parallel universe.

One of the channels that I have been keeping an eye on is the Scifi Channel. Being a huge Scifi fan, I like to keep check on what the channel is showing or what it will be showing. I recently discovered that Flash Gordon would be returning in a brand new television series, but that's not even the worst discovery I've made so far.

Upon browsing the Scifi Channel website, I discovered that they're running a Reality TV show called - you're going to love this - Who Wants To Be a Superhero? Ten people have to live as Superheroes of their own creation, wearing costumes they've made themselves, with the winning character becoming immortalised in a comic book.

Yeah. That's American television for you.

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