Friday, 27 July 2007

Producers of Frasier Admit Callers "Were Fake"

As part of an ongoing investigation into the recent phone-in scandals that have rocked the world of light entertainment, a major newspaper has contacted Grub Street Productions about the supposed callers in Frasier. They discovered that not one was a member of the viewing public, and that many of them were even celebrities. It has been suggested that the producers took some perverse pleasure in this. A spokesperson told that "there was never any chance of a viewer's call appearing on the show".

When asked how they would respond to people who had phoned in to the show hoping for psychiatric advice from Dr Crane, played by Kelsey Grammar, but could not get through to his show and now wanted a refund, their spokesperson was unsympathetic, saying that those people, if they exist, were delusional and should probably seek psychiatric advice.

Ofcom have issued a statement maintaining that fictional local radio shows that were broadcast only in America and aren't on any more do not fall under their remit.

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