Wednesday, 11 July 2007

It's a Mystery

On Sunday I was working my weekend job at the pub. It was as quiet as anything, so I decided to put something on the big telly. After channel flipping a bit, I settled on a show I had never hear of before: Vanished (five, 10.10pm).

So, what is Vanished about? Essentially, it's Lost. But only one person is lost. Or should I say, one person has vanished. Whilst trying to find this lost vanished person, we get to see a number of flashback to try and find out who The Others Kidnapper is. If this wasn't enough, the show has it's own set of "cursed numbers" (9 and 29). The problem is, despite is being obvious what show it's riping off, it's actually better than Lost. I can imagine them in the writers room. "What should we call it? Misplaced? Stranded? Oh, I know!"

Why better? Well, because most of it makes sense. That's what I like in a drama... sure, mystery and conspiracy is fine, but as long as in the end it makes at least an ounce of sense. It's the sole reason why I like watching Jonathan Creek. When it first started, Lost appealed to me because I like a good mystery. Eventually, I realised that the show was never going to go anywhere as the writers were simply making it up as they wnt along and writing themselves into a corner with no means of escape, so they invent a monster or mircale hatch. But people still adamantly stand by their favourite mystery show claiming it's the best thing since slice bread. Well, Twin Peaks.

It's almost a shame that Vanished got cancelled in America, mainly because those darned U.S citizens didn't get to see the story conclude. Maybe they like mysteries that don't go anywhere. Hell, The X-Files lasted for about nine years, didn't it? It would also explain why their remake of Jonathan Creek lasted only the one episode. I don't really know what their game is. It really is a mystery.

But knowing the Americans, it'll never get solved.

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