Thursday, 12 June 2008

The Stolen Earth

When the premiere of Doctor Who's forth series aired, Radio Times had a special that told us all about the series. Except Episode 12. Episode 12's title was being kept a secret for some reason. I can only assume it's because they read my previous rant on 'Episode Twelve Syndrome' and decided not to get my blood boiling. The official statement was that the title "gave away too much".

It's been announced now. The Stolen Earth it's called. That doesn't give much away at all. An Earth gets stolen. The Doctor wakes up one day and thinks "oh crap, the Earth's gone. What a bugger". Will it have people just floating, grumbling that the Earth's been stolen. How the hell does one steal an Earth anyway?


Daniel said...

With black holes, of course.

Friz said...


Chris Knight said...

Well if Benjamin Linus can move the entire Island with a donkey wheel, I suppose Davros and all the might of the Daleks won't break a sweat stealing the Earth :-P

Andrew said...

The Earth's gone?

Dammit, I was using that!