Wednesday, 4 June 2008

The Fresh Limericks

A story that's all about how
My life got flipped; turned upside-down
So sit right there
It's all about Bel Air
And the story will start about now.

West Philly I was born and raised
The playground is where I'd spend days
Chilling, relaxing,
And all about maxing
And playing some basketball games

Two fellas, who're up to no good
Made trouble in my neighbourhood
I got in their sight
And they started a fight
Know the outcome? I know that I should!

I didn't think that it was fair
That when my mother got scared
What the hell was she proving
When she said that "you're moving
With your aunt and uncle in Bel Air."

I whistled, and a cab was near
License Plate: Fresh; Dice in the m'ir
I thought it was rare
But then I declared
"To Bel Air, Taxi Driver, and steer!"

I pulled up to the house about eight
(Could be seven, it wasn't too late)
Said fairwell to the cabbie
It's time for this laddie
To start his life in Bel Air. Great!

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