Tuesday, 3 June 2008

It Should Be Okay, Torch Wood

The Doctor Who News Page reports that Torchwood is coming back for a week.

I'm not kidding. The third series, at the moment, is comprised of five episodes to be shown within the same week. Not only that, it's a five-part-story.

I'm not so sure how to feel about this. Torchwood can be really naff at times, and rather excellent at other times. A five-part story of 50-minute episodes however... that's four hours and ten minutes worth of Torchwood. And what would the plot consist of? Will it be one monster? Will it be resurrecting Owen and Tosh and dealing with the consequences? I don't know how Torchwood can do this- they've never even done a two-part episode before. And, previous cliffhangers involve Captain Jack hearing the TARDIS (which wasn't even resolved in Torchwood, Owen dying (which was resolved by resurrecting him) and Owen dying a second time (which was a bit naff).

I guess I'll feel more about it when they announce what it's about.

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Andrew said...

Five fifty-minute episodes in one week? Who's going to watch that? You only need to go out one night a week before it becomes a nightmare to watch if you don't have a PVR. (I've made my position on Torchwood via iPlayer perfectly clear.)

Doctor Who used to be all about long stories that took five or six episodes to play out, but they were shown over weeks, not days. I worry that the only reason I can think of for shoving it out in a week rather than a month is that it wouldn't hold your interest for that long...