Wednesday, 8 August 2007

42 Minutes Until We Crash Into The Sun

[I suppose I should say that the following article may contain spoilers for Doctor Who. However, all of these said spoilers have been debunked by various staff members, so marking them as "spoilers" would be a bit redudant.]

This week, comic of all tabloid The Sun appear to have ran out of news to report and starting making up stories. Again. Sadly, the majority of these stories seem to be all about Doctor Who. Within the space of three days we've had James Nesbitt confirmed as the Eleventh Doctor and Ben Kingsley confirmed as Davros. Also, within those same three days, we've had both rumours debunked.

However, this isn't the first time that the Doctor Who production team have denied rumours which originated from The Sun. "Christopher Eccleston to quit after one season!" was a headline denied by Russell T. Davies, and then confirmed a week later.

"Daleks to fight Cybermen in Season 2 Finalé!" shouted the tabloid from the rooftops. "Poppycock!" replied fans and staff, but again, this happened.

"Kylie Minogue in Christmas Episode!" they reported. "What?" screams Russell, "it takes two years to book her!". It then turns out that Russell booked her about two years ago.

I love how everybody debunks all the Doctor Who news reported in The Sun to be nothing but rubbish and fantasy, but they obviously have some sort of leak at the BBC. I think it's Moffat that leaks these stories. Cheeky minx that he is.

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plkrtn said...

Moffat is the right man to take Who forward, Nesbitt is not. Mark Heap should be the new Doctor Who, he would be perfect.