Friday, 5 September 2008

A Glass and a Half of Effort

Cadbury's have two recently famous adverts. One, in which a gorilla plays drums along to the tune of In The Air Tonight, and a second one in which colourful airport vehicles race alongside each other to the tune of Don't Stop Me Now.

They've just aired both those adverts, in full, in a row. With two major changes. The gorilla advert is now dubbed with Total Eclipse of the Heart, and the race is now dubbed over with Living on a Prayer.

Why? Why waste 3 minutes of advertising with existing adverts redubbed? It just seems wasteful, and the only reason I watched both adverts in full is because I assumed there'd be some sort of twist. Like Bonnie Tyler in the gorilla costume. Sadly, no.

Very pointless.


quimbledon said...

don't post a comment for ages and then come out with this shite? YOU WERE WATCHING BIG BROTHER AT THE TIME, ADMIT IT.

Friz said...

Well, it was on the telly. I had mates round to play Rock Band. One of them wanted to watch the Big Brother finale, much to the annoyance of the rest of us.

Hense why I had my laptop on me. So I could distract myself with blogging.