Thursday, 6 December 2007

The Mid-Programme Squeeze

BBC2, not one minute ago, shrank Never Mind The Buzzcocks down into a tiny box to inform me about other shows that will be on later. They've been doing this a while, and Charlie Brooker is very cross. But when he was cross, it was when they squeezed programmes down during the end credits. Today they did it before the end credits, halfway through a sentence.

That had better have been some monkey pressing the wrong button. It was annoying when they started putting those "NEXT" boxes up. This isn't Dave. Get with it, BBC2.


Daniel said...

I hate those show-end-squeezes. Lots of shows have theme tunes, bloopers or other fun bits at the end that get completely ruined just so that the channel can advertise their own shows. I mean, isn't that what commercial breaks are for?

*Kim said...

That does my head in too. But please don't knock Dave, I love Dave.