Saturday, 8 September 2007

Identity Crisis

I haven't had that much time to watch TV recently. It's mainly because I've moved in with some mates in Newcastle, and the television priorities mainly lie with Film 4 or whichever Rugby match is showing. Talking of which, I've really started getting into Rugby. It's amazing how you can get a score as astonishing as 97-3 in less than ninety minutes.

However, yesterday we were all able to catch a bemusing new quiz show. "Identity" on BBC2 showcases the latest notch of Donny Osmond's career. The rule of the game involves a middle-aged person trying to guess what twelve people did for a living. The occupations listed as choices varied from proper jobs (such as "Magistrate" and "Club Dancer") to just simple facts about about a person (including "Doctor Who Fan" and "Had a Hair Transplant")

If this didn't sound bemusing enough, the twelve people are basically dressed up for their jobs. It came as no surprise to see that the guy in the leotard was the gymnast, and the guy dressed as Doctor Who was the damn Doctor Who fan.

Another pointless gameshow with no questions. Deal or No Deal has ruined a generation of quiz shows.

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Andrew said...

What I like about Identity is that hot on the tails of Paul's description of Win My Wage as a "crude simulacrum" of Deal Or No Deal, along comes a show featuring one contestant and a group of random people with large boxes with numbers on them and a large onscreen graphic with different amounts of money the contestant might win. And "Osmond" sounds almost the same as "Edmonds".